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One Ask for MANY Miracles

Panda Express has been a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 2007 and their commitment to raising as much money as they can and helping as many kids as they can is fueled by one simple question to their customers: “Would you like to Round Up for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals?” This humble request which was only asked a few months out of the year is now asked EVERY SINGLE DAY to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER. It’s true!  It’s become as much a part of their culture as the familiar “Welcome to Panda Express” greeting when you walk in the door.

So what have all of the “asks” added up to? Nationally, Panda Express has raised $21.9 million over the past 11 years and last year in the Kansas City metro, our 19 locations hit their highest fundraising total to date of over $153,000!

The next time you are in the mood for your favorite Chinese dish, visit our friends at Panda Express. We promise you will hear that familiar ask and we hope you will Round Up your total for our local kids.

Our CMN team and Miracle Family, Christine, Tim and Rebecca, attended the Panda Express Heartland Regional Meeting to offer most sincere gratitude for the amazing success of their 2017 fundraising results.