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Where the Miracles Meet the Road: Your Dollars at Work 2023

When you give to Children’s Miracle Network, we know your heart is behind every dollar. We are grateful that you trust us to make sure your generosity heals what’s broken and is wisely invested in programs and research that will insure a healthy future for our community’s kids! Below is an overview of how we have recently put your dollars to work at KU Medical Center. 

Patient Care Services (14%): Supporting the non-medical needs of children and families. The Child Life, Music Therapy, and Pet Therapy programs help the hospital feel less intimidating for children spending time away from home. New parents are wrapped in care through professional lactation support and the Happy Bottoms community diaper bank. Travel and food support can help families access and focus on the care they need.

Equipment (12%): Treating a child is not just treating a small adult. They require specialized equipment and support to insure the best health outcomes possible. This includes specialized cribs for the Pediatric ICU, state-of-the-art lactation chairs, NuRoo Kangaroo wraps, and Angel Eye camera software in the NICU. We also had the opportunity to invest in pediatric equipment and supplies for the new KU Med West Campus. We also know how important the care team is at Marillac, our pediatric mental health hospital, so we supported the creation of a Rejuvenation Room for their staff.

Education & Advocacy (10%): Navigating pediatric health challenges is something that requires support. Your dollars help fund the Parents-as-Teachers program on the KU Med campus, as well as Social Work programs that guide families through challenging diagnoses and care. CMN also funded the Safe Sleep program to teach parents how to reduce the risk of sleep-related injury to babies. Your dollars have also been put into local schools to work collaboratively on varies studies and programs to improve community health.

Research (59%): Children’s Miracle Network is proud to fund innovative and transformative research at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Currently, one of the largest projects receiving your support is a multi-year study focused on the correlation between early-onset obesity, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Charitable Care (5%): Supporting the cost associated with a child’s medical care that is not covered by insurance. This could include durable medical equipment, specialized therapies, or other treatments that will support the health, healing, and wellbeing of the child.