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Walmart & Sam’s Clubs – Fundraising in a New Retail World

In this ever-changing world of retail, Walmart and Sam’s Club associates are learning how to adapt to how consumers want to shop each and every day.  Many people are choosing to shop online but still want to have the opportunity to pick up their items at their local store with online grocery pick-up.  Others prefer to shop in-store but would like to check themselves out at the registers.  And there are still some who want to shop in store and have a cashier check them out.  With so many varying preferences, Walmart & Sam’s Club associates have had to be flexible!  While they have continued to ensure that each customer’s shopping needs are met, they have also been just as determined to make sure our CMN families are well cared for by working tirelessly during their annual fundraising campaign.

Beginning on June 28, every location began asking their customers to join them in their support of the families at KU Medical by asking for donations throughout the stores.  This year looked a bit different for most locations – as most customers are choosing to use online grocery pick-up or the self-check-out registers.  Customers could donate any amount and were even given the opportunity to round up their purchase  – both at the register and when placing their orders online.

In addition to the donations they were raising from their generous customers, associates planned a variety of events for their employees to participate in and have a little fun during this busy time.  From dressing in crazy vests and hats, tagging associates with balloons and even duct taping managers to the walls, the stores have gotten very creative in how they are raising funds to help the kids!

Thank you to each and every associate at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walmart Neighborhood Market and Walmart Transportation & Distribution Centers!