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Congratulations on 40 Years of Making Miracles, Dr. Kathy Davis!

Congratulations to Dr. Kathy Davis on her retirement from KU Medical Center. Dr. Davis spent forty years of her career as a guiding light for families and children as they navigated complex diagnoses and provided end of life care through KU Kids Healing Place, KU’s pediatric palliative care program. Every person who had the opportunity to work with Dr. Davis, could see that being a Palliative Care Director wasn’t just a job, it was her true calling.

From the most inspiring medical cases to the most heartbreaking, she had a profound ability to honor her patients and their families with compassion and respect. From the moment she walked into a patient’s hospital room, families found they could exhale for the first time and felt hope. Her patients knew she would walk side by side with them along a journey that would soon become a trusted partnership. To countless moms, dads, children, and siblings that were under her care, her most important roles were: Teacher, Advocate, Angel, Cheerleader, and Friend.

For those of us at Children’s Miracle Network, she has played an equally important role. Dr. Davis was instrumental in getting KU Medical Center designated as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in 1985. Because of her faith in the mission of CMN and trust in its implementation, the CMN program has been raising funds benefitting families seen on the KU Medical Center campus for 36 years!