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Be More Monday – Jessie Bledsoe


Happy #BeMoreMonday Kansas City! We would like to introduce you to Jessie Bledsoe, a dedicated Extra Life participant and CMN supporter! Jessie raised over $9,000 last year alone!
Jessie loves to play video games with her friends and family. If she isn’t doing that, you can find her and her husband outside geocaching. What is geocaching you ask? It is the world’s largest scavenger hunt where people across the world use GPS to find little treasures hidden around the community.
Jessie also loves to travel, read, and nerd-out over all things NASA and outer-space.
In addition to her dedication to her husband, three dogs and cat, Jessie has a heart for the kids!
In her own words:
“[My favorite thing about Children’s Miracle Network is] helping local families with whatever they need while they are having a hospital stay and even out of the hospital. CMN treats a patient like family and makes sure they are taken care of in all aspects so they have so much less to worry about while they are having the most difficult aspect of their lives. This includes helping cover costs from the treatment and making sure a stay is not scary. I’ve seen lots of Birthday celebrations and holiday celebrations!”