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Savannah Dairy Queen #16 in the US!

A big and very well deserved round of applause for our friends at Dairy Queen in Savannah, Missouri. They are so passionate about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and KU Medical Center Pediatrics that they fundraise the entire year to reach the lofty goals that they set. In 2017, their goal was to raise $15,000 and with fierce determination, they ended up with a grand total of $16,363 !! Keep in mind, Savannah has a population of just 5,100 people!

We would also like to Congratulate their top fundraising crew member, Aunt Jo White, who raised a phenomenal  $3,363 !!



Check out these amazing stats:
• #1 in CMN funds raised in the state of Missouri
• #16 in funds raised in the USA
• #1 in their Designated Market Area
• #1 in their district

The CMN team will be showing our heartfelt appreciation to not only the staff at Dairy Queen but their very generous patrons with a cake party in the coming weeks. If you ever find yourself in Savannah, MO, take a minute to stop into their quiet Dairy Queen for a treat and offer your thanks.