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Miracle Families Checking out our Summer Partners

Our Walmart/Sam’s Club and Dairy Queen campaigns are in full swing as June is coming to a close! This is a busy time of year around here, not just for us but for our Miracle Families as well. They have been awesome checking out some events and initiatives that our KC area Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs have put on, as well as investigating the Balloon sales at our Dairy Queens.

Here is our 2019 Champion Hans and his sister Isabella visiting the Walmart in Leavenworth. Allison Barnes, one of our Walmart Champions, put together a meet and greet to celebrate Hans and Isabella and ring in the campaign, looks like fun!

Hans and Isabella also made it out to several Dairy Queen locations as well! Here’s the brother/sister duo at the DQ in Olathe.

Preston (in the blue) and Reid (in the grey) have also been visiting some Walmart and Sam’s Club locations. Store 1599, in Overland Park, has a snow cone and root beer float stand set out to raise some money for CMN. The boys really seemed to like that idea and it’s perfect for the hot summer!


Thank you to everyone involved for putting together these fun events for CMN and our Miracle Families! Walmart and Sam’s Club will be campaigning until July 7th and Dairy Queen will be fundraising until July 25th so follow Hans, Isabella, Preston, and Reid’s lead and support CMN!