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Be More Monday – Samantha Welty

Happy #BeMoreMonday! When Samantha Welty was a little girl, she wanted to be an elementary school teacher or a flight attendant. Luckily for us, she grew up to be a social worker at The University of Kansas Health System!
Samantha loves helping people, and at her job she works hard to support each family as a whole and creating support team for each child with professionals across the medical system.
When she isn’t at the office, Samantha enjoys taking her daughter to the park , or catching up with friends over a bite to eat – preferably a meal that involves potatoes, which she loves in any form.
Samantha is a proud Wichita State alumna, but will cheer on the Jayhawks when her Shockers aren’t playing. She always loves to read fiction to get her mind off of the real world.
Every child that comes to the University of Kansas for care needs professionals that have their best interest at heart. We are proud to support compassionate caregivers like Samantha.
Thank you, Samantha, for all you do for Kansas City kids!